Bed bugs are flat and thin, allowing them to disappear easily from view during the day while they are not active. They are hidden in mattresses, bed frames, bedding, chairs, carpets, baseboards and bedroom clutter. They are most often found in mattress seams or in box springs. Bed bugs are a troublesome household insect. They’re sly, hard to track, and they can pose possible health threats to you and your family. Armed with science-based pest control capabilities, over 100 years of experience, and state-of-the-art equipment and products, Benlux Hygiene is well-equipped to evaluate the bed bug problem and set up a proactive response to rid your home of the pest and provide optimum security.

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Inspection & Treatment For Active Infestations

An untrained eye may find it difficult to root out a bed bug infestation, and even if it is found, home remedies and over-the-counter deterrents are sometimes ineffective. A professionally trained Benlux expert will analyze your home, implement a solution, and track activities to ensure the success of our efforts and provide added peace of mind.

Ongoing Bed Bug Detection Services

Bed bugs grow exponentially, and in just six months, a few will turn into a full-on infestation of 13,000 or more. Detection is important to break the life cycle of a bed bug until it becomes a bigger problem. Benlux Bed Bug Detection Service is getting to the root of the issue with targeted inspections of common bed bug hiding places in your home and continuous surveillance to ensure the pests never return.

Bed bugs can spread rapidly, so early identification is crucial to hopefully deter an even greater infestation. Our security mechanism works to analyze your house, incorporate remedies, and track any bed bug issues you can encounter.
We’re never going to stop learning from glitches. We use state-of-the-art technologies and unmatched preparation to protect your home with an effective strategy customized to your unique needs.

Bedbugs Infestation

Bed bugs are usually carried in luggage, causing them to disperse anywhere humans settle. Infestations have been a concern in homes, hotels, dormitories and other places of residence. Owing to their limited size and ability to hide between mattresses and furniture, it can be difficult to monitor bed bug infestation.

The appearance of only one fertile female bed bug in a comfortable setting, such as a single or multiple family home, is an infestation that is waiting to happen. Because a healthy, blood-fed female bed bug can produce from 200-500 healthy eggs over her lifetime and can develop from 2-5 eggs per day, the risk of bed bug infestation is incredibly high unless the bed bug control efforts of your pest management specialist are used to eradicate the infestation.