In recent years, ants have become the main pest infesting homes and are typically very hard to manage. Effective management of ant infestations involves some capacity that is learned through knowledge of ant behavior and experience in the treatment of ants. With more than 700 species, it can be quite a struggle to classify ants. Begin by searching for trails. Ants travel alone quite rarely and are generally spotted when they search along well-established routes as a colony. 

How Ant Looks

Look at the size of the ants when you’ve found a track. Are they similar or do the sizes vary? Do you also observe when the ants are busy, day or night? Look for nests, especially in areas with soil, at the end of the trails. Depending on the ant species, soil nests have separate shapes or patterns.

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Infestation of Ants

For any number of reasons, ants can invade your house, but more than likely, they are looking for food. It so happens that your home is close to where the queen has planned to set up her colony. Much like humans, to survive, ants must feed. They have to feed their youngsters, too. It's not like they want you to be upset or cause pain. Infestations of ants appear to happen rapidly. You can be shocked to discover how interesting these little creatures really are, regardless of whether your ant problem is an irritation or an all-out infestation.

Ants Behavior

Ants are social insects that live in colonies and have many distinct individual forms or castes. In the colony, each caste has a different role or task.

Staff feed food, build the nest and care for the young and the reproductives. The initial queen and the swarmers have reproductives. The role of the original queen was to lay eggs. Winged males and females are swarmers that fly out to start new colonies and spread to new regions. During the swarm, these swarmers mate, and the male dies soon after.

By complete metamorphosis, ants develop, meaning the eggs hatch into larvae that the workers must care for. The larvae pupate into workers or reproductives who are adults. The colony matures after two or three years and starts to develop swarmers every year.

Get Rid Of Ants

It is important to know the type of ant you are dealing with. If you know your opponent, you will know where the nest can be located, what food sources attract them, and which methods of management will be the most successful.

For example, small black ants normally live outside of their colonies. In order to scavenge for food such as sugar, starch and meat, they join structures. By following the ant’s trail back to the colony and addressing the problem at the source, a small black ant infestation is best handled. Sealing off all entry points will be the next move, so that any remaining or potential ants would not reach your building.

Unfortunately, it can be complicated to achieve a spotless home. Upon closer inspection, what looks like a clean kitchen at first glance may include a few granules of sugar on the countertop, or a few crumbs that fall behind the stove. When the staff bring it back, this almost insignificant portion of food is a feast fit for a king-or ant queen. Don’t just wipe down the surface to stop this. Vacuum every day, paying particular attention to the baseboards, as well as other places you would usually overlook behind furniture and appliances.

Although imagining a world without pests is sweet, the fact is that there are more of them than there are of us. The war is ongoing against ants and other bugs or insects. Some of the ant control issues rest within the capabilities of the ant. The aforementioned “scent trail”, for instance, does not only run between colonies and food sources. These trails of pheromones will lead ants to satellite colonies, giving them a nest that has been treated as a sanctuary. The ants are still coming back. It’s just a matter of how hard you make it to reach your home for them, and how prepared you are once they get there for them.

 To successfully get rid of ants, it is typically important to follow them back to their colony and directly treat the colony. Experts in Benlux Hygiene pest control have the skills to correctly classify your ants and kill them.